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Results & Outcomes

One-size-fits-all education isn’t for everyone. This is especially true for capable students who need a learning environment better suited to their physical and emotional requirements. Sage Alliance schools get students to a better place. It’s where middle and high school students who previously struggled in school thrive.

Our focus is on the whole student, and we are strongly committed to both intellectual and emotional growth. And we hold ourselves accountable and celebrate our students’ individual milestones and progress. It’s why so many graduates say, “I’m where I am today because of Sage.”

Here’s what our students, district partners, and families have to say about us.

"Sage has been a blessing to our family. Our son interviewed at several schools, and he immediately felt that Sage was the right environment for him, as did I. Graduation day was lovely... it was clear the students have all benefitted and blossomed in various ways — a true testament of the dedication of Sage’s staff. We have nothing but the highest regard and recommendations for Sage Alliance." Parent of a Sage Alliance student

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"New Alliance bridges the gap for students who need intensive therapeutic support integrated into their school day. Students gain an understanding of themselves and are provided with the tools they need to move forward in their education and in life." District Case Manager

"It’s really wonderful to have this kind of school close to home. Sage Alliance has a very flexible program, flexibility that other schools can’t accommodate." District Case Manager

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"The personal concern and attention for our son were evident from the beginning. The flexibility to meet so many different needs was obvious. The great talent and people skills of all the teachers were a refreshing and important change for our son. Sage is the whole package!" Parent of a Sage student