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Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Education Services

At Sage Alliance, we believe that our students' success is not only measured by academic achievement, but also by their emotional and social growth. That's why we offer a unique therapeutic education program that sets us apart from other schools. Our certified clinicians provide therapy sessions that are fully integrated into the school day, allowing our students to receive the support they need without interrupting their academic progress. By addressing emotional and behavioral challenges, our program enhances academic learning and creates a safe and supportive environment for our students to thrive. We are proud to offer this comprehensive approach to education and are committed to helping our students achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Therapy that transforms

Therapeutic Education That Transforms

Integrated educational and therapeutic services work hand-in-hand, every day, to provide drive student momentum and progress. This approach also facilitates more open communication between therapists and educators, which ultimately better supports students.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Five days a week, students can participate in individual, group and family therapy. Understanding oneself and gaining insights into their strengths and opportunities become part of our students daily process. With therapeutic and instructional support in place, students use the tools and techniques they learn to tackle academic and emotional challenges with comfort and vigor. Family counseling is essential and encouraged. Our clinicians are highly skilled professionals who are trained to work hands on with and sensitive to the individual needs of students and their families.

Individual group and family therapy
Sage Alliance Team Coordination

Coordination of Care

We strongly believe in the value and importance of coordinated and integrated care. Teachers, therapists, doctors and staff members regularly meet, communicate and exchange learnings. This approach is critical to our students’ success — and ours. Through our collaborative approach, we establish and manage positive relationships with community-based providers, as we all work together for the benefit of each student and family.