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Developing Skills in The Kitchen and Out

skills in the kitchen social and inner

by John Reilly, MSW, LCSW 

Preparing students for life is at the core of our mission at Sage Day. We are consistently looking for ways to help students realize their potential and help develop skills that will empower and build their self-esteem. 

To that end, eight students at our Boonton campus participated in a unique pilot program in the Culinary & General Food Service. Our program was designed and led by Chef Michael Schmitt, owner of  Mt. Lakes Market. Chef Schmitt has a true passion for the culinary arts and teaching. He believes that the training and skills he has imparted will make the students valuable additions in the kitchen and out, through any future endeavor they may pursue. The students clearly showed a confidence that strengthened throughout the process and culminated in preparing and serving a gourmet dinner for their parents.  

The food service field provides job opportunities throughout various stages of life. Having these skills will allow a student to start a career, supplement income or earn money while in college.  In the food service industry, there is always an opportunity for those who are trained, reliable and motivated. This training will afford the participants a distinct advantage when entering the workforce. This was realized as one of our students obtained a job with Chef Michael upon graduation. 

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