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How Group Therapy Can Manage Anxiety

How group therapy can help manage anxiety

When starting therapy, a group session can seem daunting. Some may feel hesitant about sharing their feelings with others, and those reservations are completely normal. However, there are many benefits associated with group therapy that could help manage anxiety.

Groups provide added support.

In a group setting, not only are you able to share your thoughts, but you can listen to other people’s experiences as well. Meeting others that share the same struggles as you can provide a sense of relief, and you can reflect on experiences together. While anxiety can feel isolating, group therapy can help cultivate a sense of belonging.

Groups act as a “sounding board.”

Interpersonal conflict is a topic that people often share about in group therapy settings. Sharing your experiences with a group may help you gain the outside perspective needed to better understand your thoughts and the opposing side. You may also learn from the situation and handle similar events differently in the future.

Groups help you move forward.

When you listen to other people and how they are handling their problems, it may inspire you to make the same changes in your life. Group sessions address successes, failures, and everything in between, but making the conscious effort to improve is the common goal. When anxiety makes you feel stuck in one place, your peers in group therapy can give you a confidence boost to keep going.

Group therapy has helped countless people in managing their anxiety, for the participants have a strong support system and are able to help others as well.

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