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Positive Discipline’s Lasting Impact on Students

Positive discipline inner and social

It is believed that teachers are mentors who influence student behaviors inside the classroom. It is because of this reasoning that Sage Day decided to explore the role of Positive Discipline and implement this as part of our daily mentoring. Both educators and clinicians will be using best practices from this training in our schools. 

What is Positive Discipline? 

The ultimate goal of positive discipline is the solution-focused program in which the entire school community is engaged. The program fosters respect for all, strategies for reducing misbehavior and the development of problem solving and communication skills all while supporting the social and emotional growth of the community. 

What Our Staff Learned 

The education staff at Sage Day had many takeaways from their positive discipline training. Key points included learning about themselves to better understand the stresses of others, and how to be assertive in the classroom. 

One staff member told us that one of the reasons she liked the training was, “Being reminded of the differences and impact of praise vs. encouragement. While it is easy to understand intellectually why encouragement is better than praise, since praise is so instinctively natural to give to students, it was helpful to get further instruction on why it is important to mindfully switch to encouragement and be given the tools to do so.” 

Educators remarked that encouragement can be a confidence booster in students which can translate into the student performing better academically. Another activity that was part of this training was “Top Card”. This activity allowed the educators to learn about themselves which is necessary to better understand how others react to stress and the characteristics of others. 

As one of our educators said, “Once you understand the strengths and vulnerabilities, you can begin to appreciate how others react to stress and more deeply understand the characteristics of their “Top Cards”.” 

Sage Day clinical staff recently completed positive discipline training in November as well. 

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