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Welcome to
Sage Alliance
Boonton, NJ

About Boonton


215 Hill Street, Boonton, NJ 07005

Fax: 973-402-0600

Grades Served

  • 8-12
Sage Alliance Boonton Campus Map Location
  • Mission Statement

    To provide a safe, small therapeutic and challenging educational community that integrates social, emotional and academic growth through the collaboration of students, families and staff to empower and prepare students with the skills needed to realize their potential and achieve success.

  • School Leadership

    Viki Wilson, Principal, and Alison Hipscher, Clinical Director, invite you to learn more about this location and the services we provide for students with special education needs.

    Viki Wilson Profile Image

    Viki Wilson, M. Ed

    Alison Hipscher, LCSW

    Alison Hipscher, LCSW
    Clinical Director

  • School Services

    Sage Day Program, offering:

    • Individual Therapy and Group Therapy
    • Therapeutic Services
    • Academic Program
    • Transition Program
  • Profile of a Graduate

    Emotionally Secure

    • Demonstrates Personal Accountability, Agency, and Adaptability
    • Demonstrates Respect for Self and Others
    • Acts with Integrity
    • Demonstrates Honesty
    • Commits to Emotional Growth of Self and Others

    Socially Responsible

    • Develops a Balance Between Independence and Interdependence with Others
    • Takes Initiative
    • Communicates and Collaborates Effectively with Others
    • Is Socially Aware and Responsible
    • Recognizes, Understands and Respects the Diversity and Uniqueness of Others
    • Demonstrates Financial Literacy

    Academically Capable

    • Possesses the Life Skills Necessary for Success in a Rapidly Changing Society
    • Possesses Technological Competency
    • Possesses Media Fluency
    • Articulates Confidently, Clearly, and Imaginatively
    • Creates and Learns from their Inquiry and Experience
    • Achieves to their Highest Potential
    • Commits to Academic and/or Vocational Growth
  • School Calendar

    Please download Boonton’s school calendar to view important dates for this location.