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ADHD: How to Manage Time at Home


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is difficult enough for your child to manage at school, and when they get home, it can be even harder to sit still and complete their homework. Time management, organizational skills and prioritization can be a challenge for children as a result of ADHD. As a parent, you can help them regain control of their time after school so they don’t procrastinate on schoolwork, or even chores. 

Create Routines 

Conceptualizing time can be extremely difficult for children with ADHD. As a parent, you can help them by creating routines which remind them what time things should be done by. Regularity and concrete expectations may even help keep their room cleaner! Creating schedules and having visuals around the house, like clocks, a calendar, and a checklist can help your child stick to the routine. 

Use a Daily Checklist 

Whether it’s school related or not, creating checklists for your child and teaching them how to create their own helps build confidence, even when small tasks are completed. Checklists help divide tasks up. For example, instead of thinking about “homework” as one larger chunk of time, help them divide it up into different assignments or studying methods. 

Be Specific 

Explaining plans in black-and-white reinforces what they see in the classroom. Teachers often outline daily objectives with visual and auditory cues that help children with ADHD keep track of time. At home, communicate what you anticipate will occur over the course of the day. Explain sequence of events to help them construct what deliverables they need to complete in a consequential manner. 

Always be flexible and adjust to the needs of your child. Sometimes using a fidget can help them focus. In contrast, if they need a completely clear desk with their phone on airplane mode, make sure those accommodations have been made. 

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