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The Stress of Online Learning for Parents

How to manage stress of online learning

While 2020 certainly had no shortage of challenges, online learning was certainly a big one. Though some students flourish with an online format- and many schools have offered options like this for years- the abrupt change in routine alone was enough to make some students struggle. Beyond that, parents in many cases suddenly had to juggle their own full-time work with helping to oversee a child at home learning.

We can all hope our “new normal” becomes anything but in the next few months, but in the meantime, here are a few tips on how you can reduce your stress if your child attends virtual school.

Have open conversations

Being able to communicate with your child during these times is the key to success. Let your child express their feelings in the moment and give them a sense of comfort to confide in you. It is also OK to share your own feelings. You may both be stressed, so talking about those feelings in the moment might prevent that stress from bubbling over.

Give yourself routine breaks

Allot yourself time during the day for about 15 minutes to meditate, listen to your favorite song, or anything else that relieves your stress. Scheduling breaks throughout the day will help students unwind and recharge, so don’t forget to build time in for your breaks as well.

Expect Progress, Not Perfection

There is a reason so many people find our “new normal” to be challenging- it is. Online school is just one source of stress brought on by the pandemic, and you may be juggling many more. Be reasonable with what you expect. Wanting your child to be 100% engaged and attentive 100% of the time may not be reasonable, but neither is allowing them to overlook important assignments. Talk to your child about expectations, and then work on them together.

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