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Rochelle Park's Color Wars!

Rochelle Park's Color Wars!

This fall, the Rochelle Park campus of Sage Alliance ignited the spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition as they embarked on an exciting adventure called the Color Wars. This annual week-long event is not just about fun and games; it's about fostering teamwork, encouraging participation, and boosting school spirit among students and staff. Held at their Rochelle Park, NJ building, this event saw everyone come together to engage in a series of activities designed to determine the ultimate victors. The winning team not only basks in glory but also earns valuable advisory points, an integral part of the school's culture.

At Sage Alliance, advisory points are a prized commodity. These points are earned through advisory challenges and activities throughout the school year. From October to May, there is usually one advisory activity each month, giving students and staff opportunities to showcase their skills, cooperation, and creativity. The pinnacle of this advisory point system is the Color Wars, where participating teams strive to claim the coveted top spot. The victorious team is awarded a generous bonus of 3 advisory points, putting them in an excellent position to win the grand prize in May.

The Color Wars spanned five action-packed days, with each day featuring a unique activity that tested the mettle and unity of the participating teams. Let's take a closer look at each day's challenge:

Monday - Door Decorating Contest: The Color Wars commenced with a burst of creativity as each team adorned their advisory room doors with captivating decorations that represented their spirit. This challenge set the tone for the exciting week ahead.

Tuesday - Decades Day: On Tuesday, participants were transported back in time as they dressed up in attire from a specific decade. The campus was abuzz with nostalgic fashion choices as the teams showcased their knowledge of history and style.

Wednesday - Theme Day: Wednesday was all about unleashing the imagination. Teams were tasked with dressing up according to a given theme, resulting in a colorful display of creativity that left everyone in awe.

Thursday - Team Color Day: The penultimate day of the Color Wars saw a fierce battle of colors. Participants wore the designated color of their team—red, pink, or orange for one side, and purple or blue for the other. The campus was a vibrant spectacle of school spirit, as everyone proudly represented their teams.

Friday - Dodgeball Games: Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for the much-anticipated soccer game. But Sage Alliance, ever resourceful, substituted soccer with a series of thrilling dodgeball games. Teams clashed in a series of intense showdowns, each hoping to claim the title of dodgeball champions.

As the week drew to a close, it was evident that the Color Wars had achieved its goals. The students and staff of Sage Alliance had formed stronger bonds, increased their participation in school activities, and bolstered their school spirit. The Color Wars provided an opportunity for everyone to come together, showcasing their skills, creativity, and enthusiasm for their school.

Sage Alliance's Color Wars, held at the Rochelle Park campus, brought a sense of unity, excitement, and spirited competition to the school community. It is a testament to the school's commitment to fostering camaraderie, teamwork, and participation. With the Color Wars as a yearly tradition, students and staff can look forward to more opportunities to strengthen bonds and compete for the ultimate prize in the months to come.

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